Monday, 3 March 2008

swap photos

I just wanted to put these images up here, so that I can keep seeing them!
This is just a part of the swap items I posted to Sarah and her family for our Valentine's Swap. I forgot to photograph everything. I think I go through the thing of feeling silly about taking photos of everything (combined with the lack of time, and generally a Being hanging off my arm during the good photography light hours). Yet, if I don't take photos then I wish that I had - and sometimes it's too late. Oh well, not everything needs to be recorded - does it!
I really like this card. I love the upside-down geisha lady, and the orange heart is fabric from a lamp shade Sylve gave us years ago that never opened properly. And the other orange-red pieces we tie-dyed quite a few months ago. As a family we sat in our backyard and tied and dipped and laughed and drew. Little memories for me.
Ari's writing of the first letters of their names. And his little hands. So small, so inquisitive, so creative.

The fabric for the bags is something that I've had for a long time - waiting for the right project. Simple little bags, with ribbon handles. And, of course, those special drawings of Ari's. Giving him calico and a fabric pen - and (trying to) letting him do whatever he wants. Of course, I go through the thing of wanting his drawings to be 'perfect' when they are to be given, or shown, to someone else. I have to let go of this need for his drawings to be something - rather than some scribbles.

The pink one for Annika is a person - I think maybe it was a girl, maybe even her. I told Ari about who we were sending these to, and he was very excited for that to be happening. The green/yellow bag for Gunnar is a lady beetle (I think?), with lots and lots of legs. Ari really likes drawing lots of legs for all his creatures. He counts them as he's drawing, and keeps adding more.

I forgot to photograph the little wardrobe pouch that I made for Sarah. It was my first real attempt at 'quilting'. None of it was cut out straight or square, so wasn't sewn straight. It really showed me that I did need to buy the rotary cutter - which I now love using! I had wanted to fill it with lavendar, but couldn't find out from customs if that would be okay or not. I know things coming into Australia are very strictly searched.
Also I stitched together a heap of paper hearts, in a long string to hang up. At the bottom I threaded some beads that my Mum gave me a long time ago. Two whole boxes of assorted beads, just waiting for me to stop feeling so precious about them, and start using them for something, anything.
I have lots more hearts that I cut out at the same time. Sitting, waiting for me to stitch them - easy job, just procrastination, and excuses. Story of my life.....
Arhhh well, trying to stop feeling the guilt about not achieving it all. Trying to realise that I can just sit and enjoy the quiet moment when Mishi is asleep, and Ari drawing, and the washing up done, the nappies folded....
We are still watching the mail box, waiting for the mail man to deliver our swap package. Probably looked so lovely that he wanted to keep it!


  1. Oh my gosh! It hasn't gotten there yet? I'll see if there's any way to track it. Our package is so so loved.

  2. Love the card - and those adorable little drawings! Gorgeous.


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