Monday, 28 April 2008

solitude and company

Yesterday afternoon Sam took the kids over to his parents house, for a visit. Ari loves to see his Grandma every week, and misses her if he doesn't; so he had rung her in the morning to see if he could visit. I convinced Sam to stay for dinner :: giving me more quiet time at home!

I had enough time to do some blog-surfing, to vacuum the house, to photograph the beautiful flowers I bought from the organic market, and then to have a little time in the sewing room.
Zinnias - wild and tumbly. One of the flowers my Mum used to love. Along with dahlias. I love their rambling feeling. And all the colours. I am surprised at myself that I never get around to planting any in my garden, when I see them in other peoples' gardens. Maybe when we have a new house, and the garden of my dreams. (This garden, in my mind's-eye is quite a lot of work; I hope I have some friends and family to help me plant and tend it!).
So, anyway; my solitude. What a lovely afternoon I had. Just the clean floors under my feet (that doesn't last long here; clean floors). And the afternoon sun on the stretching shadows across the wall. And the quiet in my ears; well only the city noise outside at any rate.
And the company? Let me say that today was so beautiful. Walking and talking and collecting treasures (sticks and rocks and leaves), and enjoying the company of my children and my friends, and the weather just so perfectly perfect.* And then having a wonderful dinner out, with women friends (and little Mishi, who was sweet and funny and an easy, though messy, child). And feeling the true strengthening of a friendship that I am enjoying so much.

Things I need :: solitude and company. Don't we all!
*Queensland tourism has this saying/slogan, for their campaigns :: 'beautiful one day, perfect the next'. I think Winter really is the time to be here. Not hot, yet so not cold. The evenings are cooling, but slowly and still so mild. And the days are sunny, with clear skies, lovely wind (great for drying clothes, or possibly flying kits, or watching leaves flutter). Strange though, the Autumn leaves have not yet fallen and already I have seen wattle flower buds starting to form. (A bit like last year, maybe?). Will Winter happen, or will we pass the Autumn changes and the cold, and head straight for late Spring and the Summer heat? Oh, I hope not - for this time of year is just so glorious. (I am watching the tree down the road, waiting for this to happen - but still green glossy leaves clinging tightly to the tree).


  1. I'm loving all the red featured in these pics. You have such a warm and happy home.

  2. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Hi Ell, lovely blog again; excellent balance of words and images. Tho insufficient time this end to get into it as much as I would have liked. Arrrrrrr wellllll....

    That offer for gardening still open - for current OR next garden.

    See you in coupla weekends
    Love Tim

  3. Ellie I am so happy to have discovered this space you make.

    It is beautiful. Love the photos, love the thoughts.

  4. How wonderful it is with a little time on your own. I'm really enjoying your description of autumn, especially as spring gets more and more reliable over here.
    Love all the red stuff!

  5. I agree with you about traveling to Queensland in the winter! The two times I have been there it was winter and simply beautiful!!!

    My husband and I would move in a heartbeat if it presented itself!

  6. Hi Ellie,
    Love those photos. Will see you Monday for sure, I'm really looking forward to it.

  7. Solitude and company - we all need that. Great colours in your photos - I love how the flowers perfectly match the walls. We have auutumn leaves already in Toowoomba!

  8. *Love* your red kitchen! And very nice blog, by the way!


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