Saturday, 5 July 2008

words :: script

"Watch out for the bell machine. No, not you. The people inside the picture. They live in there. It can drive by where they live, ok mama, ok?!"
"I'm drawing fire machines today."
lots of snuffling and concentration while he draws.
"Mummy I'm hungry." takes a sip of warm milky. stretches orange shirt over his head, and across his arms. "I'm hungry, Mummy. For something sweet. No, milk isn't sweet. Some bread and Vegemite. Grandma might be here. Rabba rabb rabba to the big blue house" - singing voice.
"Mammy I accidentally got one hand out of my shirt"..."no, I want to do it myself. Look what I have done" -showing me one whole arm out of his shirt. "don't laugh at me".
"can I climb on your lap. can I have some of your drink. but does it have coffee in it? this is yum. can I have the rest of it? want the rest of my drink? it's de-lish-is. you can have it. here Mamma, I promise you can have it. well, i don't want it either."
"it's all finished. that picture is all finished".
clutching at a little metal tin with a handle. "I'm going on the train Mama. can we drink on the train Mama. just in a plastic bottle. imagine if it had nothing in it."
having another sip of my drink "Mummy, is this cracked" - the cup - "i want to drink on the crack bit".
"how come you're doing some writing? how can that write it all"
"Yah, this is yum" - another sip.
"can I watch some tv? why, mummy? rubba rubba to the big blue house" playing with the tin again, flicking the clicking lock "look it can't click mummy. did you hear it go blop. how did it get cracked" - the cup - " did grandma Michele make it or buy it. with her pottery. what is a pottery. does it spin around. by itself? yeah, it does. I could get carved into a bottle if you want me to to. want me to?" stands on tin, and spins around and around - I think like the wheel he has played with at my dad's house.
"can I have dinner with grandma? I won't have a sleep over, just have dinner there."
"Yup, I'm all carved into a bottle, want to drink some water" coming up to me, with his hands in a cone shape on his head. "it has honey in it. yummy hey? can i put it in your pocket? its ceramic. i made two for you"
finding an old bank card "can i use this for a minute?".
"rabba rabba rabba to the big blue house" singing off down the hallway - slurping the last sips of my hot chocolate - his milk abandoned to me.
off, in another room, still singing. drawing pad and pencils left on loungeroom floor - a new game happening in another room.
"mummy, i think that is grandma. it might be though, you never know."

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