Sunday, 6 July 2008

red turtle

A little while ago I spoke about the guilt at still not having finished the turtle that Ari was waiting and waiting for. Since loosing his Bunny, he has had other little toy friends, but one hasn't yet stood out as his new favourite.
Red is his favourite. And turtles are his favourite. So, it's a red turtle - with golden embroidery swirls on it's shell. And green button eyes. I've had the embroidered piece sitting around for a while now.

And last night I finally put it all together. After all the thinking and procrastination of how to do it - thinking it would be really hard. Well, it took me about 45 minutes all up; in between watching Big Love on SBS. To cut and stitch and turn those little feet and head and tail. To stuff them with softness. Then to stitch it all together. Wonky legs, floppy head. Then stuff and stitch close. And choose the little buttons (Sam did that), and hand stitch them on. I did the main stitching on machine, as I'd started by hand a few days ago and it wasn't really working.
It ended up really cute. And even though both Sam and Ari (and actually other people...) commented about the very floppy head - the neck is too long - I still like it. Him. I think that Ari has named his Otter; not sure where it came from, but a sweet unusual name. Better than Turtle or Wertle, or Floppy! I do think that Ari likes him - took him to the market this morning, and now has taken him off to Grandma's house (right now; as in I have no kids in the house RIGHT NOW!).
I've now had to start turtle number 2, as Mishi is very keen on Ari's. So, hopefully this week we'll have another addition to the turtle rock. A baby turtle, I think.

If there is any chance that someone out there might want a short tutorial on how to make turtles, I'd be happy to oblige. Though, really I'm sure you all are way more talented than me, and far more skilled. I made up the pattern as I went along, in my head. As with anything, there will be little alterations for the next edition - but then, I like that as it makes each one different.


  1. Congratulations on the little turtle! I tried to make an elephant a while back and failed terribly. Terribly.

    Very cute little guy!

  2. he's a lovely turtle. I like the embroidery.

  3. That turtle is so cute! Especially impressed by embroidery on his back. Well done!

  4. Oooh I really like the embroidery.


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