Saturday, 9 August 2008


You may have noticed that there've been a few changes around this blog, here. Maybe because I still haven't moved (changed) houses - so this is my little virtual house. Maybe because it's so much easier to spend time sitting on my b.t.m (hey, Stef, remember "Under Milkwood"??). Maybe because I'm really enjoying teaching myself, and reading tutorials on how to change the html myself.
I don't even know what html stands for, what it all means. I'm good at learning and teaching myself, I really enjoy it. But it's all slow. And I don't know what a lot of things are for. I only just realised why people don't put their full email address on their blogs, but write it like this: ellieabeck (at) hotmail (dot) com. For those few of you others who didn't know, it's so that the computer spiders can't spam you.

And all that technorati stuff. Truly I don't know what it's about. Okay, I understand that it's a ranking system. And if you're more popular well then technorati tells you. If you're not so popular then you can read your exact number of people who like you. I'm quite used to being not so popular. I grew up being a bit of the odd-one-out within the school community. I hung out with the other odd-ones-out. Honestly, I keep saying that I'd prefer only a small handful of real friends, compared to a bucketful of acquaintances. Hmmmm. maybe sometimes I'd like a few more people to chat to. To feel a bit more popular. Arhhh well. Guess it's quite lucky that I have a good connection with my family - wish a few more of them would comment on my blog! (Thanks Timbo).
Anyway. The new pictures on the right sidebar link back to other places. Check them out, if you feel inclined. I'm going to add more as I get more time - oh, and maybe more things to actually add. And that label cloud. Isn't it the coolest. I found this tutorial and then found this colour chart to change the colours - that took me a while to work out. And this is the tutorial I used ages ago, to make a three column blog; which I may go back to at some stage.

There are lots of changes happening at home too. Not the house moving stuff. But new job stuff. I was fired a few weeks ago (via email!) from my part-time job. Sam will be finishing up at his job in a couple of weeks. Instead of going out and looking for new jobs, we are both jumping head first into wanting to start our own business together. This is something that we have talked about together for so many years; now we finally have no other reasons to not do it.

We are heading towards a market in just under one month, as being our main starting leap. So, lots of talk and work ahead of us. Lots of plans and ideas and work work work. But our minds keep ticking and tumbling, we are thinking similar things as each other. Some similar images and pictures we tell each other about. It's really wonderful, yet totally scary, to be at this point of change. Of new things happening for our family, for our daily lives.

So, you may see me around here lots over the next month, sharing our progress. Or not at all, due to having so much to do and think. And fit it all around the kids' schedule.
These few photos are of me, when I went out last weekend with some girlfriends. I took them in my mirror, with the flash - so not so good. Wearing one of my Maiocchi dresses (from last season), that isn't so breastfeeding friendly. (Don't you just love my expressions!!). The kids and Sam went to his parent's house. I went out for dinner with Sylve, and two long-time friends, one who lives in Germany. We had cocktails and sat with our dinner chatting for ages, and chatted more before dessert, then shared our delicious icecream. And lots of stories and laughs and wonderful times. Small time to be together, but such a special time. Thanks Sylve, Rejelle and Francious.


  1. In our family we, the girls, use the expression "looking like a zillion bucks" when someone is looking extra good. You look like two zillions bucks!

  2. you do look great, hope you had fun!!!


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