Friday, 8 August 2008

(peg) friends

Last weekend, Ari sat down at my desk and made some little friends. Mishi was asleep. I sat and folded washing, and finally had an empty washing basket to start the next load with.

It was really lovely sitting on the floor, with Ari beside me creating little people. I spread everything out for him, with some glue and let him make them anyway he liked. Fluffy hair, clothes wrapped and stuck any which way. Lots of character, these ones! I must admit that I helped him with some, I wanted to, as much as him needing me to. See that one with the very stylish coloured hair do - it's a whole heap of ends of threads from my sewing that I twisted into a bun sort of shape and stuck to her head.
We gave these ones to Grandma, as we already have quite a few little friends at home.

Along with these little flowers that I cut from some scrap fabric, and we glued onto coloured sticks, with red bead middles.

Some I made a long time ago, and these three came home from Momo's house a few weeks ago. Please check out her collection. They are going to market soon, and I had to buy some off her before everyone else saw them.

Our little friends are a bit messier than Momo's, but in general, I'm a bit (well, a lot actually) messier than Momo. I wear lots of colour and prints and so do my kids. Momo wears lots of simple and monotone, with minimal prints and her son normally is quite similar.
Very different styles - yet somehow we still have lots in common. And can spend a lot of special time talking and planning and creating and playing, and also just being and not having to talk - that to me, really is one of the most important aspects of friendship; being able to sit quietly together.

We had a little craft night at Sylve's house a few weeks ago, and Momo brought a basket to make more peg people. She made one for Ashey - the only kid who was there, he was wide awake - at his request. And Sylve crocheted him a little sleeping bag for the tiny person. He took it to show and share at school, where they loved it. Maybe Momo and I should organise a school crafternoon.
My two little ones are wonderful friends at the moment. They are playing games together so well. Ari seems to have reached a new level of sharing and Mishi a new level of interaction. They play shops, and take it in turns to be the shopkeeper - buying books or necklaces, setting up a little counter and a scanner and carry bags. You should see the set-up at Grandma's house, where they play shops every single visit.
Today, while I was making more sticky sultana + apple buns, and casserole for dinner, the kids set up a rocket ship in the kitchen, with all the chairs, and played make believe games happily for such a long, wonderful time. Mishi copies so much of what Ari is doing, yet she doesn't do anything she doesn't want to! It's so lovely hearing them talk together, telling stories and making up games. Running alongside, sharing, be loving and kind. Sometimes they both chatter on the old (no longer working) mobile phones; "uh huh. hmmmmm. yep yep. mmmmmm", with stern looks on their faces, flapping you away if you talk or make any noise as they are "on the phone".

I have lots more posts written in my head, they just don't seem to be making it out through my fingers and onto the computer and into blogland. Soon. Unless I forget them all......

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