Tuesday, 14 October 2008

in which I make a feeble excuse at my absence, and send you all around the place...

It would have cost us $42 to ride the Ferris Wheel, so we just watched from the ground. (Photos taken on Sam's phone camera. Also, I'm on Sam's Mac - photos are sideways and I don't know much about Mac stuff. Sideways doesn't seem too bad for these images. Just click on image to view it right way round).
:: Computer + internet issues have kept me away. And then, just life stuff. (I like the way Anna describes it here).
:: Currently loving Abby try again. Check out her beautiful, nostalgic, emotional photography. Sure to give your day a different perspective, and a bit of peace.
:: Lots of little things simmering away here. Bits of sewing, and planning, endless talking about the same things we want to achieve.
:: Ari's party is big talk here, he rings Grandma and talks about the cake and the food over and over.
:: Sam and I sat down today, over coffee, while Mishi slept. To chat about some upcoming *important* planning. And Ari chimed in saying that we needed it to be more "designery." So, I suppose he really should be part of our chats more often, maybe we'll get him to take notes, or do the brain storming.
:: I also just came upon this very stylish family and these shoes. (Via 2 or 3 things I know).
:: And this lovely place (where the exchange rate is a little nicer to us Aussie's). Felt. (Via tinyhappy).

Talk soon. Take care. E xx

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  1. i love your pictures of the big wheel e, hope all is well, talk soon xxx


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