Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Volcanoes have been big around here for a while now. Ari draws them, talks about them, looks at pictures of them, talks about them.....
Amongst all the talk, and looking for pictures on the wonderful internet. And trying to explain that my Dad doesn't live on a volcano; actually within the rim of a very extinct volcano.
I moved our blackboard into the kitchen, and the kids have been drawing and writing while I cook and clean around them.
I told him letter by letter how to write the word, after which he drew this fantastic volcano to show us all what it was. Don't you love that blast coming out. Last week he wrote 'lava' too. Sometimes he writes his words from right to left because he's left-handed. Both my brother and sister are left handed, and it seems Ari is the only next generation to be. I do remember a lot of mirror writing from my siblings as we were growing up; them learning how to write with a fountain pen and not smudge too much!
So, I guess we have been doing our homeschooling just while we do our daily living. I think that I've talked a lot about homeschooling over the past year or so, and now Ari says that he doesn't want to go to school and that he wants to school at home.
I think from having read many great blogs, I know this is very possible. I know that Ari, and hopefully Mishi, will be the right sort of children / people for being homeschooled. I'm just not sure if I have the energy or continuation to do it. Make sense? Also, I keep thinking, school is more than just learning. It is about the socialisation and being part of something else - firstly I'm not so good at 'making friends' for myself or my children. Secondly, should they have to be friends with who I am friends with, will they have the opportunity to find their own friends, people who I would normally never have anything to do with - but who are right for my kids.
Just more thoughts on this homeschooling option.

We are going, this weekend, to a Steiner Spring Festival, which I am very excited about. Haven't been to one for many years, and my children have never been to one. Candle making, bead making, silk dying, tie dying as well as music and lantern parades and food and ..... Oh the wonderful things from my childhood. Ari asked her to make a funny face, so he could photograph her - this is her silly face!(I think she's copying from Ari, who quite likes to make the same sort of face).

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