Friday, 24 October 2008

party preparation

One more sleep!
We have been counting down every day this month, waiting waiting waiting for Ari's birthday day to arrive. And finally, here it is. Well, tomorrow. The boy has gone to bed as a little three year old, we told him to get a good sleep as tomorrow will be a big day. He'll wake up as the biggest four year old I know. Mature and caring and thoughtful and intelligent. So grown up.All day today, and this past week, I've been doing little things in preparation for his party. I enjoy the party preparation just as much as the actual party itself. The anticipation of what the day will be like, who will come or not be able to come. Will the cake taste good, will it rain or be gloriously sunny. And mostly, will everyone have a lovely time.I think, also, in a way the whole party set-up and food making and decoration feed that part of me that always wanted to be an interior designer, or a magazine or food stylist. Also, for me now, it reminds me of the parties my parents had, while we were growing up. The fantastic parties - but also the day before of baking and cleaning and working together as a family were just as fun and maybe even more memorable than the actual parties themselves.Right now there is a carrot + apple + ricotta cake heaving and growing in the oven. The chocolate mini-cupcakes are cooled, and will be iced in the morning. Olives were quickly marinated (in lemon juice + slices, peppercorns, garlic and of course olive oil) today, and are steeping in the fridge. Cheese + rosemary bread sticks were kneaded and risen and rolled (and rolled again, as Mishi hopped up to help me), and baked. And some of them tasted as part of a late impromptu dinner.

New birthday shorts have been sewn (except for the hem - he may have a big growth spurt overnight!). Flags have been made, to be hung in these park trees tomorrow. (But hung here this afternoon, for fun).
Ribbons dyed and dried, and
soon to be put onto sticks as rainbow ribbons. Little booklets printed, and soon to be stitched. Playdough has been made (thank you Anouk). All for the little handcrafted party bags we will be giving our friends, as thank-yous for playing at our party.
A "4" birthday t-shirt is still to be stencilled. And presents to be wrapped.
All before bed tonight......

Oh, the anticipation. Will we get it done on time (maybe), or be up until all hours of the morning (probably). Will the boy like it all (definitely), waking excited and happy and jumping....

Birthday breakfast in the morning. Ari's favourite croissants, with sugar-free jam. And family. And then onto the rest of the party prep; making dips, and cutting vegie sticks, and rushing rushing rushing to get ready and look pretty. And be there on time to set up, and then try and stop and relax and enjoy it all.

Look up at the sky, hope it's blue, but some clouds are okay. Watch the trees. Look at the new seeds growing into the bigger trees. Just like our boy.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! The ribbons are especially ethereal. Good luck, I'm sure it will be a very memorable party!


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