Thursday, 30 October 2008

Routines and rhythms seem hard to come by these days, for me. I cannot get myself into any sort of consistency of getting things done, or having any sense of achievement at the end of the day.
This trying to work from home thing is proving to be much harder than Sam or I imagined. Not having a studio space, away from the main living section of our tiny house is making things difficult. The kids want to be with us always, on top of us, beside us, under us, over us, pushing, pulling..... (Does anyone have good tips on how to manage working with children beside you? What are your good games to entertain them for longer than a millisecond? While we do our computer work, or my sewing).
All this means that any project we do is taking longer than necessary. And photos are sometimes hard to get right - you know, when a kid is dragging at your arm, bit hard to keep a camera still long enough to focus it!
But things are happening. And my mind is tumbling over itself with ideas waiting to get out. Jumping about, talking to each other sort of ideas. Things that go from one thought to the next without you realising it.
So, living in my mind isn't too bad. In my mind my house is clean, the kids play quietly on their own, or happily together for longer than five minutes, I am sewing sewing sewing, and Sam is designing and printing and drawing.... And things are happening.

I made some yummy little cakes last night. And iced them with the remaining chocolate mousse icing from the party cakes. The best and simplest icing in the whole world! (I *forgot* to take photos of the birthday party, so these will have to do. Hopefully some good ones from my father-in-law).To make this tasty icing all you need is 600ml single cream and 250g block chocolate (best quality). Put half the cream in a pan and heat, then pour over chocolate, which has been broken into pieces. Stir until combined and nice and smooth. Then leave to cool. Whip remaining cream until almost stiff peaks, then fold gently into the chocolate mixture. It should be a good consistency to top your little cakes with, then put a half strawberry on top of that.
Put it in your mouth in one whole bite! And be surprised that chocolate, chocolate and strawberries can taste so good.I froze the remaining icing (from the party day), and dug at it slowly over each night; easy peasy icecream. With some fresh strawberries to 'tone it down a bit'. My dad didn't think it was too bad either!

Or you can let it thaw and top your cakes with it. It won't last long what ever you do.

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