Thursday, 29 January 2009

you may have noticed....

.....that little flashing green icon on the right sidebar. Well, check out the link, because we'll be there.
This is sure to be the best Stitches & Craft show ever, funked up and updated by the talented and oh-so friendly (and hard-working) team at Living Creatively. And by saying funked and updated, I actually mean keeping it down-to-earth and handcrafted and designed and local-Australian talent. All showcased in beautiful crafty inspiring surroundings.
We'll be part of the new (and totally fantastic + supportive) Incubator which showcases the best of Australian emerging and established independent crafters and designers.There are going to be so many super-talented bloggy crafters there. I can't wait to meet them during the show. There will even be a special section for us to do our blogging, and keep you in the loop about the fun we are having. (When I told Sam that, he rolled his eyes and said 'weirdos' - non-bloggers just don't get it, do they!).
But, before the fun is that hard work. I'm going to try and pop in here and show you all the fantastic things we will be making.
If you'd like to see any more inspiration check the flick pages of Indie Crafters, Living Creatively and Stitches & Craft Show.
PS - Anna, this is the big news I talked about last week; I'm not sure if you had something different in mind...


  1. woohoo ellie! way to go. wish i could be there!

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Hey El,
    Forwarded the link to a Melbourne creative oondy poondy type who will forward it to a buncha other membourn creative oondy poondy types so maybe one of them or even two of them will turn up at the appropriate moment with wads of cash.

    Sorry for the cop out communication, will get to an email response this decade.
    love T

  3. Wish I could be there too - it sounds like it will be a great event!

  4. if i lived on your side of the ocean . . .

    it sounds lovely! and i would love the weather, and looking at all the goodness . . .

    have fun preparing - and i would love to see any little sneek peeks you will give us!

  5. It will be fun , can't wait to meet you and grab some of your goodies!!!

  6. Congratulations! i hope the show is a great success.


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