Wednesday, 18 March 2009

finally a decent sleep-in...

So, with the Melbourne Show all over, I have finally managed a few sleep-ins over the past couple of days! Must catch up on sleep before we get back home, and continue the work for Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show. (and, no.. I am NOT counting down the weeks yet. Bit too stressful to think about that).
We had so much fun at the five day extravaganza that was Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show. Met so so so many fantastic, fabulous, funny, crafty, supportive, expressive people. I really had to restrain myself from purchasing something from everyone in the Incubator section, and a couple of other stalls. (So, if you're planning on coming to the Brisbane show, start saving your pocket money now. Don't spend it on mass produced; come along and support some fantastic crafters and artists).Looking back at photos of our little stall, I'm really happy with what Sam and I achieved. I love the way it looks. Bright and expressive, and a good representation of us. Bold and graphic. We had so many lovely comments from other exhibitors, customers and many potential stockists and collaborators.
I'll be back soon, with some linking love for all the fantastic people I met, and the treats we got (I am so surprised at my restraint, as I wanted to have a little *lot* of everything!). Too tired now, to link you to all those crafty, chatty, fun ladies. But look at this great photo of Sam and me (thanks Cathy).We were really lucky to spend the week between some cheeky monkeys and some felt doughnuts! Two (well four) people who we would normally have never met, but who we conversed with, laughed with, whinged with, giggled with, swapped small business tips with. Thanks for a super fun week Holly (and her mum) and Monique (and her mum).

(Most photos were actually taken by Sam. I did my silly thing of not remembering to actually go around and take photos of people. For some reason I prefer landscapes and details. Yet I didn't even manage any close ups of any of the texture of the crafty goods on display at the show, and the actual displays themselves. Next time....).

Tomorrow will be our last day in Melbourne, before we drive back home. (only 1700 or klms...). So many places we didn't make it to, Sam and I have already planned a weekend without the kids to explore the shops again.


  1. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com10:32 pm

    hi ellie!

    i've been waiting and waiting for an update on the show!

    your little "shop" was just lovely! (and the picture of you and Sam IS great!) I hope you sold a whole pile of your handmade goodness!

    i'm going over to flickr to look at some more of it close up.

    and is that a sand sculpture at the bottom of your post? how very cool!

    glad you are catching up on your sleep. i need some more of that - sleepy-time - too!


  2. Hi Ellie and Sam, didn't get to say goodbye - it was great to meet you - I will be subscribing to your blog so I will when you start on the fabric by the metre. Glad you liked the photo - I think it is just gorgeous. I have a few more that are really nice too. Let me know if you want the high res ones sent to you.

    Good luck at the Brisbane Show.


  3. I am happy to hear that you are getting some well-earned rest. I hope the drive back goes quickly and smoothly...I can't decide what I loved seeing more...your beautiful fabrics or your beautiful children!!

  4. Your stall really looks fantastic! Impressive view - you made all that. Good work!

  5. Hi Ellie, It was great to meet you at the show. Good luck with the show in Brisbane, Meg


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