Thursday, 5 March 2009

flowers for ....

Today was Grandma's birthday (my mother-in-law), so we made her some beautiful big tissue paper flowers. Ari was looking through his 'activity' book a few days ago, and decided that he wanted to make some for his Grandma's birthday.
I originally saw this book here, and got it for Ari for his birthday. Has some lovely activities and sweet photos, with lots of inspiration for kids. It's good for girls or boys, and lots of different age groups.These flowers are quite quick to make, though in reality I did most of the making, as Ari got a bit bored with the fragile job of having to gently tease out the tissue. Though, shall I admit, that I really enjoyed making them. And then going into our yard to find some sticks (and reminiscing about stick searching in the forest as a child*) to act as flower stems.Anyway - the cute photo shoot had to happen on the front porch, with the afternoon light, and the clean-faced, party-clothed children. Before we went off to dinner at this delicious restaurant.

Good night - I'm back to the sewing. Trying to finish all the last bits before we head off to Melbourne on Saturday morning.

*We used to have to collect kindling for the fire, as kids, and would often spend more time making the wheelbarrow look full with intricate stick stacking, compared to actually collecting the teeny tiny little twigs.


  1. your pictures make me long for summer . . . .

    happy sewing!

  2. I bet she was delighted over the flowers, so pretty!

  3. I love your photos! They capture the beauty of everday life and the natural delight in life that only young children have. The photos always put a smile on my face! And sometimes a tear too, when I feel sad over how time fly....and regret that I didn`t cheerish those moments with my daughters more often when they where young. The precious moments drowned in the hectic life trying to combine being a mum and working full time. Sad really. And now I can`t have it back. I try to cheerish moments with my teenage girls instead though. Luckily it`s never to late to learn.

    Thanks for charing your lovely photos!


  4. Anonymous4:47 pm

    El you seriously rock. I'm always so impressed when I come and check out your blog.

    Honestly, where did you even find time to write it, between getting ready for Stitches and Craft and - (seriously!) - MAKING birthday presents. The pictures are excellent. I didn't specifically notice the clean clothes, just that the kids look gorgeous and proud with the flowers. Ah, now I look I can see the scrubbing brush marks heheheh.

    I remember those kindling collections!


  5. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Oh, and El, that skirt does look seriously hot. Just skimmed through and found the pic of it there, you perched up on the bunk.

    Tear to my eye too, just with the beautifulness of it all assailing my eye as i scroll down and pause for a word or two here and there.

    Yep, get yourself a full lenghth mirror, but don't forget to climb up on top of the bunk bed to take a photo every now and then nevertheless.

    xxx t again

  6. Hi Ellie! I am here via Anna (from Sweden). I hope that I might be able to find you at the Show tomorrow. I am visiting Melbourne (from Sydney) for a couple of days and promised Anna I'd find you and give her a hug from her.

    Very exciting!!

  7. Those flowers are beautiful!

  8. Too cute! I imagine that Grandma loved them!

  9. Just popping on toi compliment you both about your kids' behaviour at the blogmeet. Little kids can bve unpredictable but they were so good all night. (Obviously beautifully brought up!!)

  10. Oops. Speeling nistakes....

  11. Hey Elli, Great to meet you at the show. Love the work that you are both doing & gorgeous blogs! You are doing great stuff & (and this is a big and) managing to get it on your blog!), Meg


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