Sunday, 26 April 2009

ferny and soft

I've been sewing cushions lately, amongst a heap of other stuff (and then a heap of stuff that is not yet sewn, but either in my head still or half started, half finished - whatever you may call it).
This is one that I stitched up today.
It's our beautiful fern fabric, a soft lightweight hemp/organic cotton. The ferns are multi-printed; blues and greens merging together along the fronds.I've overstitched parts of the print - which I'm really loving doing at the moment. Getting quite addictive actually.
The whole back of these purses were feature overstitched (squiggle stitched).
This ferny cushion is backed with the most beautiful and soft and strokable velvet. It's a green mossy-ferny colour. A Vinnies (or some other op-shop) find - or maybe from the Lifeline Bin. Can't remember now.But I just had to match the ferns with the velvety green. Just had to. No choice in the matter.
You know when fabric talks to you. And if you don't listen, then.. well, you often regret it.
So, this cushion, amongst some others I've been working on (and more that will be talking themselves into being in the next few days), will be at the Stitches and Craft Show.I'll show you the others tomorrow (too dark for photos now); cause I'm really loving them all. They are just morphing themselves, and each one is different, with offcuts and reclaimed fabrics. Which means that I will never be able to make a cushion like that one ever again. That's pretty cool, don't you think.


  1. This is SO beautiful. I wish I could say more, but it is one I'd like to hug. Your print is fantastic.

  2. this is beautiful.

    you create beauty!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Such a gorgeous print and the one of a kind nature of each piece makes it just that little more special.

    I hope the show goes well.

  4. These ferns are just beautiful. and the velvet is just right. Beautiful beautiful.


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