Monday, 27 April 2009

beautiful treasure pocket

I'm just popping in oh so quickly (in between heat setting fabric, and packing it up, and making more cushions and purses...).
I received this beautiful piece in the mail today - I won it in a little giveaway. It is soft and delicate to touch, the simply perfect, or perfectly simple way that Kristina has reused this piece of vintage, reclaimed linen. Giving it a new special use, and life and meaning, while honoring the heritage of the linen itself. Like listening to fabric.
Please visit her bowerbird stories blog, where you'll see Kristina's soft, gentle and powerful, moody photography, lighting, images, and stories. Lovely little pieces and snippets.
And to spy some of her work you could visit old yarns . reclaimed linens at Etsy. Or meet her in person as part of Incubator at the Stitches Show.
Which, in case you haven't been taking notice and counting down the days with me, opens in two days.
Which means that tomorrow is set-up day, which means that tonight is really my last night before the show. Which is why I'm saying goodnight now.


  1. Have a great time Ellie ! I'll be looking forward to hearine everyones stories when they calm down again

  2. So cool. Ditto for above, can't wait to hear stories.

  3. I love this. I have a stack of vintage linens just looking for a project like this.

  4. Thanks Ellie, so glad you like your trésor pocket. Keep something special there. Nice to meet you & all the other wonderful folk at the show this week. Take care, K


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