Thursday, 9 April 2009

A + P's home

These are some photos from around my aunt + uncle's home. In Melbourne. Where we stayed while on our recent working holiday.
Practically everything in this house is from op-shops, second hand shops, found in the street during council throw-out weeks, given by friends.
Everything sits in perfect harmony, shapes and colours and glazes and mediums.
A home of heart and warmth and entertainment.
Thank you for sharing your home with us, and chatting into the night, and playing and laughing with the children, and making bread for us.
(And putting up with our mess).

PS - I haven't edited or cropped or fixed the lighting, etc on any of these photos - sorry, too tired + late.


  1. i love them. unedited. just as they are. real. beautiful. like life.

  2. what a fantastic house!!! i love the pieces of mirror propped up above the fireplace.

  3. What a wonderful space. Just gorgeous.

  4. What a specatacular home. So beautiful, but not so aestethic it kills the athmospehere. What a priviliege to be a visitor!


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