Friday, 17 April 2009

lipstick skirt

This is a skirt I made a little while ago.
I used some off cuts that I had for the main feature panel. All stitched over each other in a big waterfall effect.
Some of our lipstick palm hand screen printed fabric. It's hemp /organic cotton.

Can anyone think of a good name for this skirt? I've been wracking my brain.

I'm hoping to get a few more made in the next week. Lots of plans, ideas, hopes......

In other news, the Craft Show is very fast approaching. We have lots of work to still do, but the way our ideas and products are evolving is really exciting me.
I'll try and keep you better updated here (if anyone's interested......).


  1. Ellie, that skirt is spectacular - you need to wear it at the show to inspire people !

  2. I am horrible with names, but your gorgeous skirt does kind of remind me a little of those chiton things from the dinosaur times! Those overlapping scales. I love it! Definitely definitely wear it to the show!


  3. I love-love-love this skirt. To me it's just the all-time-loveable-skirt....

  4. I LOVE and WANT this skirt... ever since you wore it to the ABCD Meetup... As for names, very tricky! What about the Domino skirt, as I like how the prints on the panels kind of line up but not quite - I know it has nothing to do with Domino but somehow that's what it reminded me of, to line them up and match them with each other.

  5. That skirt is so cool! I can't think of any names though either.


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