Thursday, 30 April 2009

stamping love

This afternoon the lovely Holly, came up to me with two sweet little bags for my kids. I peeked inside with excitement and anticipation, and WOW! Inside the cutest, funkiest, funnest, sweetest, coolest, best little creatures I've seen. The girl who declared (yesterday in our printing class) that she can't draw! (those are her cute penguin-looking, chicken fish prints from yesterday's class).Holly hand carves these glorious little treasures. You read that right; she hand carves them. Such intricate details, such attention and love and care and dedication and talent.
And, boy did my kids LOVE love love them! They peeked at them in the car on the way home, and chatted and looked and swapped to look at each other's, and talked about the little bag they were in. And chatted some more, about Holly, who has the giant ice-cream at the craft market (you know the things kids remember!).And, as soon as we got home from the necessary supermarket shopping, they pulled them out, grabbed newspaper and paper (well, Sam set up the "keep table clean" precautions). And they started printing. And printing. And printing. And Ashey was here too. And the three of them could have spent a whole day making pictures out of 6 different stamps, and drawing little designs and stories and writing around them.
I just want to say that Holly, and her mum, are two of the loveliest and most caring and genuine and loving people I have met and been able to hang out with. We had such fun next to each other at the Melbourne show, and while we're not next to them this time around, we've been visiting each other's stalls often. These are two people who we would never have met in any other situation (even apart from the fact they live so far away in Melbourne). They have such a fantastic mother-daughter relationship; that mutual respect and total deep care for each other. That thing that perfect mother-daughters have together. That wonderful relationship I enjoy being a part of, lucky to be in their presence together.
Holly sells her hand carved stamps on Etsy, along with some other little pieces she sews and makes in her spare time. And look at her newest (and most dedicated!!!!!) venture; handstamping fabric. I love love love those acorns. What would you make with your own acorn fabric?

I'd best get onto finishing my swap things for Holly, hey!

PS - I'm eating chocolate for dinner now at 9pm, after I ate lunch at 5.30pm. That's the craziness of Craft Show. I'll take some photos of our stall tomorrow, and some other crafty loveliness.

Good night xxx


  1. such fun and happy stamps! oh, they make me smile! as do your busy kiddos. :)

  2. Oh, lovely stamps! Must check out more closely, but now is too late. Good night!

  3. These are super cute. I love that turtle!


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