Thursday, 21 May 2009

red on green

I'm very excited and pleased to direct you over to some kind and lovely words written about Red Seed Studio.
Crafting a Green World has featured us on their Fab Fabrics post. Jackie obviously has a deep passion for environmental and ecologically produced products. Her personal blog, Tiny Decor, is a round up of the most wonderful things for your little ones, and for their playroom or nursery. Showing that good design is just as easy using eco-friendly furnishings and decor.
The amount of inspiration and information on Crafting a Green World is amazing. Keeping us up-to-date with new products, easy and fun green tips and projects for the household, as well as lots of other little tit-bits*.
Do go and have a read.
Thank you Jackie, and Crafting a Green World for featuring Red Seed Studio amongst all this wonderfulness.

(* is it tit-bits, or tid-bits?).


  1. heee! i think it is Tid-bits ?

    That's a wonderful plug! Your cushions are gorgeous, the designs are beautiful. I am going to make a black skirt with a panel of your lipstick palm fabric when i have some spare cash. I think i will make just a plain a-line skirt with a separate panel on the front hanging over, instead of distracting box-pleats like my other one.

    Hopefully you don't sell out of it before i get a chance to purchase!

  2. Buying quality organic products is the initial move to a healthy, natural, green lifestyle that can bring a good feeling not only to ourselves but as to our environment as well.


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