Saturday, 16 May 2009

today ::

today ari asked me, as we were driving past the cemetery, what it was.
i explained to him, though i knew he already knew, that it was where some people bury the people they love, when they die.
he then asked me, when all the family people have buried all the people who have died, who buries the last family person, when they die.

i had to stop and think, for a moment, and totally appreciate his thinking. his logical way of working it all out. and i smiled.
i took it literally to mean - the very last person on earth. who will bury that person. or who will mourn that person.
of course. we know
no-one will need to mourn the last person.

children remind you to think about things, don't they.
they take nothing for granted.
accept nothing as it is presented.
ask many questions until they are content that they know for themselves, what it means.
not knowing the rote of learning, the knowledge of learning.


  1. i love the way ari thinks. i get those questions constantly from makena and i'll miss the day when she's older and stops asking them.

  2. hmm. something i've never thought about before, that now i will be thinking about. i hope he always thinks such thoughts. that his thoughts are new thoughts, thoughts that belong to him, & aren't just inherited from everyone else. you know, the thoughts of dead people that the rest of us continue to think. i'm going to mention this to mahal. he'll love the question. the blog looks lovely, as always.

  3. Now he got me thinking too.... The wisdom we get from children! You write so well! It`s a joy to read always!

    Thanks for charing

  4. the things our kiddos say . . .

    i love having conversations with my 5 year old daughter. yes, she reminds me to think about things, and i love it.


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