Sunday, 26 July 2009


mishi sitting snuggled onto my lap. me with warm woolen jumper (with holes that need fixing), her with absolutely nothing on. climbing onto my lap to snuggle. and saying 'i want to be here always'.

learning a new house.
where the light switches are.
how to turn to taps in the shower to make it just right.
the different noises at night time.
the unexpected colder-than-our-old-house feeling.
the lots of extra space to be in and live in feeling.
the boxes that we are still unpacking.
the new corners that we are making
in our new home.
learning the best spot to catch the morning sun.
trying to find fairies in the really big backyard.
sitting on our new back verandah and imagining the parties and gatherings we will have.
setting up our new (bargain) screen printing table.
slowly slowly slowly sorting out my fabric and paper and pieces
my little studio sewing room.
still trying to find my camera cable connector - photos tomorrow.

and tomorrow.... more of the same.
as well as the first day of my six-week challenge to get myself fit and healthy.
and calling customers and filing and organising.

and dreaming and planning and wishing and planning and doing....

back soon.


  1. I know your home will start feeling cozy very soon.

    I feel you.. our move is going to be a long drawn out thing. But eventually, I'll be setting up house again and feeling these things.

    Good luck with the 6 week health program and cheers to all the upcoming sorting, living, doing, making, and loving of those sweet little ones.

  2. Good luck with the change, and I have been procastinating about a health programm challenge too I even bought myself a book called turn a leef but still procastinating;)

  3. good to hear from you again, ellie.
    i hope that your settling in continues to go well. that you enjoy finding the right nooks and crannys for everything. and that you find the fairies in your yard. they're there. i know they are!


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