Monday, 3 August 2009


on the last day of our old house, i took some photos.
wanted to remember our space.
where the kids spent the first years of their life.
where sam and i met each other, and grew to know and love each other.
where our life was.
the rooms look so familiar - i chose and painted those colours.
yet the rooms look so foreign in their emptiness.
no noise and laughter.
none of our collections of us, our life, our things.
trying to view these rooms, this house, in an unemotional, unattached manner.

this is the before photos, with all our "pieces of life."


  1. good luck with moving
    i still remember the pictures of your house after cleaning up.
    i liked your design!
    i am waiting to see how you are going to design your new place.
    good luck to all of you!

  2. I followed the before link. Man, you aren't kidding about the difference.

    I feel the same way I think --
    it is hard to say goodbye to home.

  3. Good luck with moving on;)It is almost like the house lost its soul between before and after photos ...

  4. Here's to fabulous memories and exciting new adventures!

  5. oh. moving. i just don't like it. but. here's to your new house fast becoming a home - all warm and cozy and full of love and life.

  6. ah, i did the same thing when we moved. and i have a few photos of the boys walking around in the empty space. it’s hard to say goodbye to those good memories.

    but then we love our new home so much more!

    good luck with your move. :^)

  7. aaww, such a sad looking house! It is a good thing it sold so fast, now it will have a new happy family...while yours is off on its new adventure!! Onward + Upward! Can't wait to see photos of your new creative space!


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