Friday, 28 August 2009

model shoot on the front steps

ari took these sweet photos of mishi, on the front steps of our house.
i was inside sewing frantically, to finish the gift for a dear sweet little friend. and sent them out to take some photos, which they both love doing - him the photographer, her the poser.
i managed to get a few of him, with my film camera, wearing the digital around his neck and looking oh so grown up. i'll have to film developed soon, and show you those.
mishi is wearing the beautiful outfit i bought at the market from Blossom Child, the pants are fantastic red striped, with great little pocket details. ari wants some, seriously i want some. these are beautifully crafted clothing, pieces that will transcend any season or fashion trend, and i imagine will outlive anything a child can throw at it. i'm hoping to see these on the next generation of children (considering i think i have finally admitted that having a third child just isn't right for us, much as i love the dream/ideal of it.).

apart from looking at week's old photos, and ignoring the mess of the house, i've been working on the business plan, financials and doing endless hours of research (which the kids don't really believe is work - get off the computer, mum).
i'm also planning (in my head) the stock i will be making for the Racecourse Rd Street Party Market in less than a month away (ummm 3 weeks, who's counting). more on this soon.

also, today is sam's and my 5th wedding anniversary. we've been together 11 years, but it's always nice to have two different anniversaries to celebrate. the kids went to my sisters for the evening, and we went to see "inglorious basterds" - very fun, though quite gory movie. and totally packed out; i guess it only just opened this week.


  1. Great photos! He did an awesome job! I love that dress...where are the pants? Mine are the same way...."you're not working, you're just on the computer!!"

    Hope you had a great Anniversay!! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Great photos of Mishi. :)

  3. gorgeous pics! hope you had a fantastic anniversary.

  4. Hope you had a great wedding anniversary!cute pics of your little lady;)

  5. Lovely catching up for our brief chat in Sydney. The couple of days were a whirlwind but well worth it. see you soon.


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