Monday, 31 August 2009

doing ::

i have a long list of need-to-get-done. writing it here may keep me accountable to finishing it all in a timely manner. some things on my list are work related, some are personal, and some for the family.

work ::
write business plan + financials
think of name for this new venture
get a wiggle along with sewing stock for the Racecourse Rd Steet Party Market
organise new business cards, swing tags, etc to be printed
(this is the edited list)

family ::
finish bag with Ari
make kids at least two new outfits each
source fabric for quilt for Ari - I'd love your advice on any fabrics you can suggest that a 5yr old boy may appreciate
finish binding on Mishi's quilt
make fabric baskets / buckets for kids room for storage
make shorts for Sam
make placemats for dining table (can you believe we only have store bought ones!)

me ::
finish organising craft room
cover + hang all my inspiration boards
get through my mound of paperwork (which includes doing our tax)
make myself some pin cushions (only have some piddly little thing that looks like an over spiked echidna)
make some new skirts + dresses for myself for Summer
make one of these lovely little rabbits for a cousin (who's about to have her baby)
read through my new craft books and actually make some projects from them
make some new cushions for the chairs in my craft room. something like this

So, where to start.......
Please follow me along, as I attempt to cross things off my list.

** Bamboo photo was taken at Sydney Botanical Gardens, while on my holiday; it saddens me the way people write on plants like this, yet is also looks quite interesting.
And one of Mishi + me, playing games last night (using the computer photobooth camera).


  1. Well, thats a long list! I can certainly relate to trying to get similar things done. I don't run a business, but I do have a particularly nasty uni assignment going on in the background of my life, holding me back from forging ahead on completing other pleasurable things to do. Good luck with your "crossing off".

  2. i didn't tell you before, but i love that picture of you and your daughter. it's very sweet. :)

    and i'm afraid to even start writing my list out . . . it would be SO long!

    have a happy sunday!


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