Monday, 31 August 2009

red quilt

so, ummm. here i am trying to get some solid work done on number one of the list (which does involve sitting at my computer, but not umm... reading blogs). and already i'm distracted. to my defense, the kids aren't in bed yet and don't show any signs they will be soon - so until they're asleep i can't devote total concentration to the writing of a business plan.*

anyway - i've been watching little snippets of this beautiful quilt project, all around some of my favourite blogs. it's a bit of inspiration for the quilt for Ari (the not-yet-started-though-promised-for-more-than-a year-now quilt). he likes red, and i wanted something that wasn't dinosaurs or cars or any kid / boy generalised thing. and something that would continue to look beautiful for many years. if i'm going to make a special quilt, then i should make it really special.

have a look around at these places:
Maika Creations
Clutter Punk

there's a whole rambling tumble of amazing bloggers who are quilting in red - check out the list here, and the photos here. Can't wait to see the finished piece of work.

Okay, good night. Back to my 'real' work.
* just wanted to mention for any of you thinking of starting your own (craft) business, the business plan writing is a very important aspect. its a living, breathing document that can change with you as your business ideas change and evolve. so, don't skip past the writing of a business plan - take your time and think about it.

** photos are from Maika Creations and Clutter Punk. Click on each photo to visit their flickr sites. Used with permission, thank you.


  1. Oh dear I love then all. Truly inspiring. If only there was more time in the day, and even then I would probably spend a fair bit of it looking at blogs! Sigh! such a dilemma.

  2. Anonymous10:41 am

    my dear sweet sister... it is now Spring and you need a new banner..
    I suggest a day at the park with our kids to find a special playful Springtime moment.

  3. that red quilt - so pretty!
    lots of inspiration in those pictures!
    and i LOVE red. ;)


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