Tuesday, 10 November 2009

at the moment

I should be doing things.
the things list includes (but is not at all limited to):
cleaning house
washing up
hanging clothes on the line (even though it will probably rain again later on)

getting the paperwork done
playing with my kids
putting clothes away
doing grocery shopping (when you run out of toilet paper, that's the final last excuse, for my family at least)
writing patterns
working on to-do lists for the BIDM in only a few short weeks
...............................(feel free to include any other regular things that would normally go on a daily list of a work-at-home mum).

{i'm sorry, i thought i had the link saved for this one - but don't.
if you know where it came from, please do let me know}

instead I am:
drinking my morning coffee (yes, late I know - I got up early and went to the gym, and then haven't been ready to make my coffee until now)
enjoying how the chitter chatter of my two little ones as they make their games and play around my feet
dreaming of things I could make (but know I never will)
researching for inspirational things that make me happy.
trying to work out how we can afford the land we visited yesterday (it has no house, just beautiful forest)

{these photos are taken from the real estate website.
it was rainy rainy rainy yesterday, so there were no views like this
- only mist and fog. but beautiful trees to look at}.

researching* things that my sister could make (cause you know, she has all the spare time in the world, but doesn't know how to blog-hop like me! sarcasm doesn't translate to words so well, does it....)
promising my kids that we'll make little cakes, after I finish my coffee
wishing I had a cleaner, or a maid, or better still a servant. Isn't that what the kids were meant for?!
wasting time writing silly lists, when I should be preparing lists as organised as this lady.

 organised - Edward and Lilly

*we all know what researching means - don't we.
** all photos used with thanks from original source. click on photo to be taken to site.
*** i just remembered - I found the cloud mobile on here, which links over to here.


  1. Oh, you are reading my mind!! Especially the dreaming of things I want to make!! :) That land is stunning...I want to live there too...and dream of making lots of beautiful things! I don't know who did the rain clouds...but they are darling!! :)

  2. OH that sound familiar!! so much to do but still looking at that screen and thinking!;))


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