Thursday, 5 November 2009

a certain sort of style

all of these images, designs, pictures, drawings and prints speak to me.
they have a certain sort of style.
a nostalgic feel.
the colours.
the shapes.
do you know what I mean? I think you might.
they sort of pull at my heart
make it lift
and happy
but not soppy
just so
in a perfect sort of way.
yeah - they're cute.
and i'm not normally
into cute.
but - these somehow
seem a little

and yes

or two.


*Used with thanks to Ruth Green, Pat Hutchins' Rosies Walk. (please excuse the poor image quality of Rosie's Walk - photographed at night, under dull lighting conditions - and there's a *band* practicing in my loungeroom. They have sparkly show hats on, two guitars and one recorder).


  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean. They remind me of the books my mom read when I was a kid ( I know..stoneage time...we didn`t really have books...more like stone slates....)and I had a little apron with pears on it similar to those you showed. Nostalgia!

    Thanks for charing!

  2. This is an issue of argument in this house, Jonas, my husband just loves this kind of illustrations and I'm more, well, cold. I appreciate them more as an adult but like Jeanette I remember them from my childhood's books and I remember not feeling at ease.
    Be well!


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