Monday, 25 January 2010

the disco bots went to kindy

Finally finished these. Quite a while of procrastinating, and then a while of them sitting quietly on my sewing table. And then another short while of not having a dolls needle meant the bots sat with no limbs for a few days.
I finished them up on Friday morning before kindy, while drinking my morning coffee. On the verandah. With kids pushing at me,  and coffee going coldish.
I'm quite sure the disco bots had a lovely time at kindy.
The kids named them - "Mushroom Flower Butterfly" and "Sparkles".

With many many thanks to Jodie, who sent me this pattern (because of this reason).
The Disco Bot pattern is really easy to read, well written and a nice simple one for most beginners to sewing. If you look closely you'll notice that I obviously didn't take enough notice of Jodie's instructions where she says to take care when you cut and sew; as my robots have unevenly sized arms. Thankfully my kids don't mind about that, and say it's because robots are made out of recycled bits of stuff so they wouldn't be the same sized anyway.
On my softie list now is Parsley + Beet, and waiting patiently for an Ernst pattern, as I know Ari would love to have another turtle to join his clan.


  1. These are fantastic Ellie! I am sure having some little friends to take to kindy will make the adventure a lot less scary for your little ones :)

    Bel x

  2. Hooray - Ellie made softies - weren't they fun!!

  3. Love the fabric choices...VERY nice!!

  4. These are great. I totally agree that robots shouldn't have even sized arms/legs. They wouldn't be robots then. Have a happy Australia Day. Melinda xo

  5. They look great Ellie and I just love their names...don't sweat the different sized limbs- that always happens to me...

  6. Look at how grown up Ari is looking now! And off to kindy - must be an adjustment for you. I'm sure he is loving it though :)



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