Saturday, 2 January 2010

let the sparks fly!

Happiest New Year wishes.
We spent a quiet new years eve at home. Sam sick in bed, asleep. The kids waiting, very impatiently, for the 9pm fireworks (on tv*). Me wondering what the new year means.
And some sparklers on the verandah.

Sparks have been flying around here already this new year.
Here's hoping to sparks of excitement and joy and happiness and health.
And many many sparks of inspiration and observation and anticipation of simple good things.

 *and I realised what a mean mama I am, by not taking them to see the fireworks amongst the intense new year's crowds - which I hate so so much. The tv fireworks were boring and disappointing, even for me who doesn't care at all for fireworks.
So I promised, to myself, that I will do more things this year for my children's enjoyment despite my lack of enjoyment at the activity!

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