Thursday, 7 January 2010


I've been tumbling lots these past days.
Not feeling much words.

Mainly 'cause I'm working lots on business planning and such things.
Of course, there's a million images that are making me happy and content and uplifted and inspired.
All over the place.
Do check out my tumbling, if you feel like.
{I'm really loving Nannette's tumbler page; Chutzpah. All these images are from there, but if you click on each image it will take you to the original source}.


  1. Anonymous3:42 am

    just sayin' Hi! and Happy New Year!
    i hope things are starting off well for you, and that you are enjoying your summertime! i wonder how many degrees different we are than you - we have -10 F today . . . so that is -23 C . . . you must have about 30 C? a difference of 53 degrees C . . . a difference of 90 degrees F. wow! (i can do math! haha!) our snow is beautiful - but i always miss the warm . . . we keep our little fireplace full of wood and very hot - it's very cozy. :)

    anyway - i hope you are having a lovely day. i'm off to cook some lunch and then hopefully sew!


  2. Oh I loved the photos. I would love to live in the room with the umbrellas....So, So love the colors...and they match you new beautiful banner perfectly.

    Here in Malmö (Sweden) it`s 8 below zero but in some parts of the country they are down on a serious minus 40. So thanks for charing the photos they made me feel so much warmer!

    Lots of love to you and hope you have the best 2010 ever!


  3. Funny how too much 'business' stuff can be draining. I had a similar feeling this week.


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