Thursday, 25 February 2010

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The kindy teachers got word that I can sew.
After seeing the robots that I made for the kids to take into school / kindy, they have still silly notion that I can sew softies.
Miss Kate asked if perhaps I could make one little softies friend that the kids can each take home for one night, and they're going to write about what their friend did at their house that night. Sounds so sweet doesn't it - like the story of that teddy bear that traveled around the world and sent postcards back to the school students. 
She chatted to the kids about what sort of friend they would like. And you know what they came up with? Those 3 - 4 years olds! All the boys wanted a truck, and all the girls wanted wings. So - ummm a flying truck. 
Ok, ok. My softie sewing skills are still quite limited and I'm not so sure I'll be able to make a truck they're totally happy with. Though I'll have a think, and a look. 
But then I suggested perhaps a crocodile. With wings? 
All the rooms at kindy have different animal names, and Mishi is in the Crocodile room. So, crocodile seems fitting. No?

I went out to super-fun exciting Spotlight, to search for some tiny glimpse of inspiration. Not much happening there. I came home with 10m of calico, for pattern drafting, and some other little finds. And then I spotted a greenish/teal version of this fabric. The shop assistant appeased me by agreeing that it looked "vaguely" crocodilish. You agree, don't you. Yes, I know you do!
I didn't want something that would be too brown and boring and ugly for the kids, but something fun and bright. Without being silly. 
I've got to sit down and do some sketchers and plans of how to make this crocodile. I'm not sure if I'll do a lying down one, or sitting up one. This one's cute, and this too. Can you point me to any other ideas.

The other fabrics in these pics, is for some little picnic rugs I'm making for the Crocodile kindy room. When I was there the other day, I watched a few of the little girls packing things up from the play kitchen and shop, and go for a picnic. And all they had to picnic on was the normal carpet. So, I've decided to make three little simple quilt-style rugs for them to use. I'm trying to make them all different colours, to appeal to girls and boys. 
Hopefully there'll be enough of this cute bird fabric left over to make another little rug for someone else. (I'm thinking that surely I owe something to a family member - speak up......).

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  1. I think very crocish. I'm sure your winged croc will be a huge hit.

  2. Very crocodilish! Funny, a friend of mine just had the same problem, she couldn't find anything crocodile-skinned so she subtituted and hers turned out just fine. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  3. Love the croc fabric - great find! Sorry, no help or tips from me on the sewing front but I'm sure what you make will be absolutely wonderful. And the picnic blankets sound lovely.

  4. I think it looks perfect for a crocodile! It is such a great idea to make it and much better than the awful store bought version that came home with us last week. X

  5. YIKES! a mother of Steiner (so VERY craft orientated) kindy and school kids, it was a baptism of fire when I first unguardedly admitted that I quite liked the notion of a spot of handsewing. I don't think I came up for air for a year! Good luck. Yes it looks absolutely like croc skin. Positively designed for croc skin.

  6. Love the idea of the truck with wings, but you're right that just seems like a little bit of a mad type of sewing project. The crocodile seems much easier. (Though still quite a task!) Melly & Me have Tips Tuesday where they talk about the ins and outs of softie making, that might be handy to have a look at...

    I adore those bird fabrics. You're so generous to be making quilts. I'm sure the kids will love them!

    Thanks for sharing your creative space!

  7. You're a lovely mummy - the croc fabric is fab. I think make it simple with a good snappy mouth and a great tail. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Nic


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