Thursday, 8 April 2010

away ...... for some chatting through the night

The kids and I are heading away for a couple of days. Sam is staying at home alone; work and such keeping him here.
We're heading down to my dad's house, for one teeny little night. Perhaps it will be only slightly just cool enough for a fire, though perhaps just snuggling under blankets. My dad and I will stay up late chatting - something we haven't done for a long time. 
We'll be having breakfast out with some dear dear friend, who we haven't seen for such a long time. It will be so lovely to meet them at a cafe near the beach and chat and chat. Having European friends for breakfast always makes one feel just a tiny bit more stylish. 
And a night at my Grandmas. Such a strong woman, so influential and inspiring to me. Every time I see her, I want to ask her to tell me her life story. Instead I settle for the snippets of life events she tells me. And I soak it up. And I look after her, in the small way that I can. 
And then we will be home again.

Enjoy your weekend my friends. I hope it brings you clear skies and stretches of uninterrupted crafting, thinking, resting reading time......

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  1. Such lovely picturw with the two of you. Hope you have/had a wonderful time.


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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