Friday, 9 April 2010

from Sandrine

I received an email the other day, from the beautiful Sandrine. Such a lovely person to know, to spend market time with, to be inspired by. I so love her felted pieces, and pretty little hats
At one of our Christmas markets, Sandrine took home one of our cushion making kits, and finally after the holiday madness of family life and running your own small business, she had a spare moment to give it a try. 
It's always to lovely to see my designs in someone else's home
Thank you Sandrine. 
I do believe I'm not wrong in saying that Sandrine will soon have her own cushions available for sale at her market stalls and online shop. I have seen some with special felted flowers and other details adorning cushions.

In other news of seeing our things in people's homes - Sam came home from work the other day (he rides his bicycle across the bridge), saying that he'd seen a young woman carrying one of our smoke design tote bags. He'd felt like stopping her and saying Hi! Always makes one happy. 

In shop news - I'll be loading some new products - cushions and little things I've starting work on - later next week. School holidays are almost over, which means that I'll have time to get back to work and settle into making for the market.

*Image used with thanks from Sandrine.


  1. i know this feeling
    sometimes [mostly in New Zealand] i'll see someone in the distance wearing an ecoprint skirt or shirt - not made by me, but using a technique that originated from my hand
    brings a big smile to the chops!!

  2. Oh Thanks for your very kinds words Ellie.
    How fun to see my pretty cushion on your blog too!I hope many more people will try your kit it was great skills builder and I love your great fabric bien sur!


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