Friday, 16 April 2010

the name game

Thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments about my fern bag. So sweet. 
I need a little bit of help with naming my new bags. I must admit I do have a name that came to mind as I was sewing, but if I'm honest with myself, it's not entirely me. Or what Red Seed Studio is either. {I'm not going to tell you, don't want to bias you}.
So, here's where you come in. My dear and trusty creative ones. I need you to come up with a super dooper name. It can't be something that relates to the (fern) fabric, as I'll be making them in lots of different fabrics. 
This is the Big Papa size, 

and this is the Little Baby size clutch style. {I whipped this up in about 20mins before I went out the other night. Isn't it wonderful when you can make something so quickly, and it works exactly like you want. This one's not lined, due to time constraints, and it has a *few* issues. But that's all due to the fact that it was totally last-minute-going-to-be-late sort of rush rush sewing}. It's some beautiful, grainy, textured Lotta linen that I was dying to use, with our plain black organic hemp. LOVE IT. More baby clutches to come, as this is quite perfect for going to exhibition openings with your dear friends. In fact, my sister already commissioned one from me, that I had to whip up late last night, for a gift for her dear friend. It's the same white Lotta fabric, the last piece from the parcel........
Just right, perfect in the middle {Mama} size will be featured here next week (after I make her). What colour shall I make her???

In appreciation of you racking your awesome brains for me, and coming up with a fantabulous name, I'm going to make a baby clutch for one of you. So, all comments (who leave a bag name) will be entered into the draw to win the prize!


  1. Oooh, love these bags... Something about homemade bags that gets me every time. What about Goldilocks bags... You've got a mama and a papa and a wee bag... ;-)

  2. I had the perfect name until I saw that you were going to be making them in different fabrics. For what it's worth I was going to suggest the Hen and Chick bags after the fern of the same name with big and small fronds. They're a gorgeous style though, I'm sure someone will come up with something appropriate!

  3. I was thinking that the white bag (with the black print) could be the Magic Mushie/Mushroom Bag - because of the print, but if you're making them in all sorts of prints then that isn't going to work! I think you should name them after the print - Magic Mushroom, Fabulous Fern, etc.

  4. Hi Ellie..I just read through all 18 of your posts in my Reader..WOW!! You have been enjoying some wonderful life experiences since I've been away! I love the String room at the Museum..what fun! And all of the blues of Ari's quilt, can't wait to see how it turns out! Your memories of your mother are SO BEAUTIFUL it brought tingles to my body and (lots of) tears to my eyes. So much more I've enjoyed reading about..but limited space, so I'll get to the matter at hand! :D I LOVE pleated bags..your's are soooo lovely! The pleats with the ferns..PERFECT. Your bags remind me of a perfect pair of Chinos, slim and taylored at the top and then highligted with the just-right pleat! So maybe The Chino Bag? Although, I really like the Hen and Chicks idea also! :D Have a great weekend, and good luck with naming your bags..I'm sure you will come up with a Fabulous name!

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  6. I am thinking something like "Plantae" or "Terrarium" something serious, so your bags speak for themselves.
    Thanks, good luck.
    escuishi (at)

  7. Hi Ellie. I'm having a hard time getting past being impressed by 20 minutes! As for a name, I like Amaranta's serious suggestions. I was going to suggest "fiddlehead" or something like that after my favorite ferns. Perhaps a play on words with that? Lovely work.

  8. Hello lovely, what a beautiful bags you have created there!Names....The forest tote, "the rainforest", le "fougere" tote (sorry but it means fern en Francais:)
    Have fun, Bon weekend X

  9. okay , how 'bout
    petite pleat [ clutch ]
    perfect pleat [ medium size ]
    plentiful pleat [ large size ]



  10. Gorgeous gorgeous bags. Love them. They remind me of a 1950s circle skirt dress. With that in mind, how about The Audrey (think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday) or The Marilyn. You could call them after 1950s movies like Breakfast at Tiffanys or Roman Holiday. They are very beautiful (hope my suggestion gets picked!)

  11. In keeping with your plant themes, I think stoma.
    It's actually a pore, but it sounds kind of roomy so who needs to know?

  12. I like something a little prettier, like the Flora (as in flora and fauna), or Fern Gully (if we're feeling very obvious.


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