Friday, 14 May 2010

goodness in a box

The post arrived today, in the form of a Japanese drink box - Asahi.
As soon as I heard the gate, and saw the delivery man, I knew exactly what it was.
My dear friends have posted me some of the most delicious beautiful intoxicating pieces of cloth ever.

Kimonos and other little pieces.

For me to use for my sewing,
oh but some of these will be hard to unpick and restitch,
they just look perfectly right as they are.

But of course, there is only so many that we can hang on the wall, 
or that I can pretend I'll wear one day.

I will slowly unpick them

the enjoyment of the memory of the person who once wore them,
where did they walk,
what did they carry,
what were they thinking.

Already the fabrics are talking to me - the feel, detail, texture, design, colour, image.
There will be some new little purses 
and some cushions 
from this collection 
of memories 
of cloth.


  1. Stunning ! The colours are so beautiful and , I agree , each one trails hints of its history . A lovely idea .

  2. OHhh I can feel the excitement!!x

  3. Ahhh.... someone who fully understands my own addiction :)


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