Saturday, 15 May 2010

saying yes

Sometimes I just keep saying no.
For many reasons
It's too hard
too annoying
too messy
too much effort

I'm too mean
too lazy

couldn't be bothered.
Yes, I am a mean mother
aren't I?

Anyway. Yesterday when Mishi asked me to make playdough I said

And you know what.
It was easy and fun and lovely and resulted in many glorious hours of happy play. Yesterday and today, and probably tomorrow as well, at least.

Recipe :: 1 cup of flour {don't use expensive organic, like I did - but then again, if it's all you have in the cupboard, then just finally say yes and do use it!} 
:: 1/2 cup salt 
:: 1/2 cup of water {we steeped some Karkady flowers (Hibiscus tea) in hot water to get a beautiful light pinkish colour}
:: 1 teaspoon of tumeric powder makes a lovely soft yellow colour

{More wonderful reasons why you don't need to go and buy that fake food colouring}.
Let your kids mix the flour, salt + tumeric (or omit if you're making the pink colour), then add the water (or brewed tea for pink colour) bit by bit until you have a good kneadable consistency. It shouldn't be too doughing or wet - just add more flour if you need. Keep it in the fridge in a container, when not in use.
Give the kids a flat, easy to clean surface with some rolling pins, cookie cutters, and their imaginations. 
Then go off and have a few quiet moments on your own - or stand and watch the beauty that comes from saying yes.

{old faded laminex table and daggy kitchen floor with thanks to our house}
{chip in blue cup courtesy of our teeny tiny ceramic kitchen sink - cute, but inconvenient}
{Mishi's hair-do by herself - a look she sports most every day at the moment, in some form or other}
{lovely yellow tea towel is from here - currently on sale, though they've been in our home for at least a year or more}.


  1. Wonderful!!Yay! Good on you little beautiful Mishi you got mummy to have some playdoh fun!:)
    I think the girls will still drop everything they do if I mention the word making and playdoh!X

  2. OH How did I write playdough???:)

  3. What a great post! I often feel like I say "no" too often for very selfish reasons. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that sometimes, but there has to be a happy balance right? I haven't made playdough for ages - I usually do the cooked one, how does the uncooked differ in texture/useability? I love the idea of using natural colours, I've been using those gels for cake icing which give a lovely intense colour but stain like nothing else!

  4. Oh and I love your new header - see this is the problem with keeping up with blogs through Reader, you miss the pretty stuff! I especially love that brown and pink felt and the stitching.

  5. Te he.. this was great to read. It's good to know I'm not the only one always saying no! And it's also for selfish can't be bothered reasons!

    PS. love the header too... I usually get posts via Outlook RSS so only just had a looksee! Such neat stitches!!


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