Tuesday, 18 May 2010

nothing to report

 {just love that sunlight trickling in} 

Yesterday was the most wonderful laze in bed day.
The kids had a sleepover, on Sunday night, at my sisters house {it being Sam's + my 12th anniversary; we went to see a movie + dinner at a beautiful Japanese restaurant}.
Sylv (my sister) took the boys to school, and spent the day quietly playing and lazing with Mishi.
I didn't pick the kids up until 3pm school pick-up.
{I'm totally sure that Sam + I looked almost as relaxed and glamorous as this!}
Sam + I had coffee in bed.
Then spent the day looking at real estate, online, in bed, on the laptop.
And of course, some blog perusing.
And some reading too - current issue of Selvedge Magazine is all about quilts, and the history of.
{can you believe that you can rent this view for only $475 week. No image of the house, so perhaps you'd be living in a shed or something like that.....}

It was an overcast, grey, cold day. Lazing in bed with your husband was the perfect thing to do. Don't you think.

Today, of course, is another story.
Ari off to school. Sam off to work.
Messy house to clean.
Laundry to get done.
A little baby koala girl (or whatever other animal she may be throughout the day...) to attend to and play with. Gum nut jam toast to make

And then, perhaps a few moments in the sewing room.
I have some swaps and way-way-way overdue PIFs to get finished and sent off.
And some new work to get underway for my three market stalls in a few weeks.

Enjoy your day. Lazy or busy.


  1. Wonderful post! I often have a kitten, puppy, pony or unicorn to look after. Usually they're lost and need a mummy. They tend to be very playful and often don't speak English. Less frequently now there is a baby diplodocus. One thing they do have in common, aside from the above, is their name is usually Violet. I should find out if there's a little baby koala named Violet available.

  2. What a great way to celebrate an Anniversary!Seems like you had a great time!
    Wishing you a great week ahead Ellie :)x

  3. Big news for me! Just kidding. :). I would dearly adore a PIF from you.

    Your getaway sounds delightful. Relaxation - I badly need some.

    Happy Anniversary!


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