Monday, 10 May 2010

patterns :: found during my travels

While on a little blog / web travel adventure today, I was directed to this inspiring site.
An English interview here, led me over to more amazing images here at ea.
I can't read anything of either sites, but looking at the images is more than enough.

Ideas for new designs have been floating in my head for quite a while now.
Just waiting until I can catch some.
And catching some means I need moments to sit and turn them into more than ideas.
Waiting for those moments, for the time, space, clarity.......

Waiting is good too. Just watching and waiting. And watching those head clouds float on by.

Now, where did I find the initial link.... ummm. Who did I visit today..... Oh yes, over here at skinny laminx.


  1. I like it when there's time to be patient. So that those head clouds can do there own thing and not be yanked down to earth before they have brewed, just because a ghastly deadline looms...

  2. Gorgeous pattern inspirations! I know some beautiful work will come from them soon.

  3. Oh I know your little clouds are beautiful well worth waiting for them to be ready!
    Thanks sooooo much again for my price I just LOVE it Ellie!xx


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