Sunday, 23 May 2010

sunday yellows {hoping for sunshine}

It's my birthday today.
Sam's too. 
We share a birthday, not a birth year, but the day. 

Today we are meeting family at the market. We're planning a walk around - Brisbane just simply doesn't have markets as good as this. Sorry, but it's true. I totally miss all these markets from my childhood. 
Uki, Channon, Bangalow + Byron - each once a month. Each fantastically amazing {in my memory at least; I'll give you a report on how reality stacks up to memory}.
We'll give the kids some pocket money to buy what they like. That's what my mum + dad always did. And we took so long to choose and decide and look look look, and ummm and ahhhh. Ari found a $20 note out in the street a few weeks back, so he has that as well.

And then, weather permitting, the boys will go skateboarding and we'll have a meander along the shoreline, with the two girl cousins - who will have so much fun playing together.
And yes a birthday picnic. 
What a glorious day we have planned. Even if it doesn't go to plan, it will be spent with loved and cherished ones and will be glorious anyway.


  1. Happy birthday Ellie and Sam!! How special to share your day...

    I LOVE the Bangalow markets. I also wish Brisbane had markets like those. Didn't realise the markets travel around though ~ are they all similar or do they have different stall holders?

    Hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and happiness :)

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you've got the perfect day planned. How clever of you to be on holiday for your birthday too, that shows real forethought :)

  3. Happy birthday to you and Sam too! It's been way too long since I've been to the Bangalow markets...I remember them as being overwhelmingly amazing! My grandies live in Ballina so we used to go a lot but alas there's so little time now....your day sounds glorious!

  4. I love your yellow flowers . Hope you had a great birthday !

  5. Happy Birthday Ellie and Sam too

    Hope you had a lovely day and the weather was nice for you!

  6. i've been away and am just checking in again . . . i hope that your day was lovely! that you and sam had a great time celebrating together. :)

    (your flowers are so beautiful!)

  7. Happy Birthday!! (a bit late) I hope you really enjoyed it!!


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