Saturday, 22 May 2010

otherwise known as....... {yum}

I love the current phase of macaron love that's happening around the globe. Been going around for a while now, hasn't it? If you ask me, or any other sweet-tooth.adore.pretty.things sort of person, then it can go on for a whole lot longer.

I'm waiting until I have a decent oven again (miss this one, that's for sure) before I delve into trying to make these intriguing little masterpieces.

{Cannelle et Vanille: Cherry Blossom Macarons}
{Cannelle et Vanille: Cherry Blossom Macarons}
{Cannelle et Vanille: Strawberries and Vanilla Bean}
{and just another reason why I love my dear friend Sandrine and her French style}

{I wanted to show you every single amazing image from Cannelle et Vanille, instead you'll have to go over and look at all the other beautiful, intoxicating, drool-inducing images yourself}.

Oh golly, I'm hungry now. For something sweet and light as air. And deliciously indulgent. And a little like a fairy tale. Or heaven.

*All images used with kind regards from the wonderful chefs.

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