Tuesday, 25 May 2010

walking in my shoes

somebody* took these photos of my shoes.

the red + black pairs are both my everyday - obviously not on the same everyday, but alternate, or depending on my outfit - shoes
the pink ones are my wedding shoes. i wear them semi regularly. when i go out somewhere exciting. they are much more comfortable and easy to walk in than they look.

the gumboots were purchased for my NZ trip. for some silly reason i had it in my head that it always rained there, or would be wet with dew the whole time in the paddocks. or something like that. it didn't. or wasn't. i have worn them one or two times - occassionally on the school drop off wearing my giraffe skirt {my dad + sam both disapproved, but my sister didn't. i trust here. she's also more open to being a little bit off beat in dressing.}
the other black ones - strappy heels - sometimes get to go outside. generally my toes aren't in show-off condition to wear them. and they look a bit silly with socks or tights. much as i am fascinated with this style of look, it's not really me. i wear them when i want to dress up, and feel a bit more than just regular myself. you know, perhaps on date night or something....

mostly i wear barefeet as often as possible. especially around the house. we all take our shoes off when we get home. i've been wearing these inside so much already this cold season; they've almost worn through i've loved them so much. am going to make some new ones soon(ish). a very good looking pattern in weekend sewing that sylv + i have been talking about making. {in reality i will be doing the making and she the wearing, but that's okay. i like making.}

*photo was taken by mishi (i think). both kids love to take the camera and randomly take photos. sometimes some excellent shots turn out. views that i wouldn't normally enjoy or think to photograph. that's the wonderful thing about kids - they edit life differently, or don't edit at all really.

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