Friday, 11 June 2010

different styles and taste - but all colourful

I love my husband, totally. And his style. Sense of style. He's a very fashion conscious, stylish man. Loves his shoes (here's where I sneak off to take a photo of just a small selection of his 100+ shoe collection). Loves his t-shirts (won't show you that, mostly all black. But very very neatly folded. I'm not allowed to wash his clothes at all, as I do it wrong.)
Being a skateboarder, his sense of fashion does include wearing clothes at least 2-3 sizes bigger than his real waist size. And yes, with his pants hanging half down his bum.

But does that excuse the fact that he doesn't like this look. Doesn't think that I could pull this off. That this would be the funnest, best look to wear to the school drop off, or to meander down the streets of Brisbane city. I would totally wear this. Yes even the mini skirt, but only because of the thick tights underneath. (Though I don't know if I could actually successfully walk in that skirt without spending the day pulling at it??) Long gone are my days of wearing mini skirts. On another note of different sense of style - Sam thinks perhaps I could wear mini skirts still now. 

{One day, while I was clearing out some clothes, he held up the skimpiest of skirts and asked me why I don't wear this anymore. I think I barely even answered him - probably just laughed and showed him my thighs! I'm blaming my kids, but perhaps should really look at the fact that I just canceled my gym membership, and haven't done a speck of yoga for at least 6 months}.

*just so you know, because Sam works in the industry he gets all his shoes and clothes for free or at really good staff discounts. (His shoe size is sample size, which has proven to be a nice handy little perk for him over the years of working in the skate industry; most skaters have must larger feet!).
**image from Suno NY. Check the website out. I linked over from a story on the very interesting, textile online newsletter, HandEye. (They do also have a real paper mag as well).


  1. yayyyyyy! Can you do it? Will you do it?!hehehe I want to see the shoot :)she looks like she was upside down and they turned the photo ;)

  2. You can do it!! Brave the mini skirt!! Although I know how you feel, having 2 kids myself I am no longer the 65kg that I was before babies. I love that your hubby has 100+ pairs of shoes!!! They had a woman on Today Tonight last night that had 800+ pairs of shoes and buys an average of 5 pairs a week!! I wish I had her wardrobe!! Shoe envy!!

  3. My eldest ds (he's 16) would be envious of your dh's skate shoe collection. He wears a 13 or 14 (depending on the brand) and they're not easy to find around here :(

  4. of course you could pull off this look!
    you are still super spunky.
    the shoes have your name on them!!!
    i will definately see you later this month, maybe in a mini with gorgeous thick tights?
    Lea xxx

  5. Clare9:25 am

    You could so pull this off! Shopping trip needed! xx


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