Saturday, 12 June 2010

looking for moments of sunshine {on a cold Winter's day}

{a little lie in, with my morning coffee and some new library books}
{kids drawing birthday cards for our friend - 
doesn't turtle look sweet squashed into the couch cushion, just in arms reach}
{special vases - three on the left made by my mum}
{passionfruits ripening in our kitchen - 'borrowed' from the vacant house down the street}
{beautiful blooms from my beautiful sister - perfuming my bedroom while I sleep or read}


  1. I love jonquils! They smell so beautiful!!

  2. mmm thanks for the glimpse into your world, Ellie
    I really enjoyed. Have a great week ahead !

  3. Passionfruit at this time of the year - are they the standard purple ones or something different? I picked a couple paperwhites from our garden last week, seems awful early for them but then I rather suspect I think that every year!

  4. Just to clarify, there is a LAW about wilfully leaving passionfruit to go all wrinkly on the vine in a vacant property. YOU WERE DOING YOUR CIVIC DUTY..


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