Wednesday, 16 June 2010

more proof that skateboarders are pretty cool

I have no idea who this is, without going and finding the link again. Of course, Sam would know, but he's not here to ask. Isn't that background so interesting. See that ramp bit there, the boarders built it especially. That's what skaters do - find a cool spot to skate and add their ramps and jumps and things. And then have fun. 
I should find some images of Sam skating, to show you. He's pretty super cool too! 

{Okay, now back to delaying tidying the kids room....... Before school pickup and the hurrying of afternoon into evening. It's cold again here today, the sun is hiding, and I don't feel like doing anything.}

*image used with thanks from Ipath.

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  1. That photo was really disorientating as it loaded on my screen from top to bottom (slow connection today!), I couldn't figure out what was top, side and bottom with the lighting and the ceiling. Neat!


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