Thursday, 3 June 2010

my creative space {warm cocoa and the world}

I'm making some new mirrors for the markets this weekend. I'll have my usual fabric ones - some beautiful snippets of fabrics to see - but I'm also working on a new collection of world exploration. Sort of!
A short while ago, I put the (email) call out to my close family members, asking for any maps they might have that I could have, if they no longer needed them. Many many thanks to Jean to handed over a pile of fantastic world exploration. 
Some of the maps were from old Australian Geographic + National Geographic {yes people, there is a difference - I used to work at the Australian one}, and Ari's taken a real interest in some of them, so they went his way.
I've been loving using little land shapes, places I've visited, places I've wanted to visit, places one day I may visit, some I won't. That's okay - I can visit them in my dreams, can't I? {pPus I always tell my kids that they can go adventuring on their own one day, they won't need me to take them. They are quite surprised when I tell them they can go off into the world on their own}.
Being a coldish Winter (yes Winter is now officially here), we're having warm cocoa and melty-cheese corn chips with guacamole for morning tea. After that fuels me on, I'm headed down to the cold (and very messy) craft room to get some screen printing done for custom orders and for market folks.

More creatives are playing over here.


  1. Handmade mirrors with maps of Australia on them are much better souvenirs than a stuffed koala made in China. Very good idea. I am very jealous of your badge machine.

  2. very nice, love them.

  3. I like ky comment :)hehehe They are super cool pocket mirrors!

  4. What a great way to travel the world from the comfort of your own home. I'm off to make a warm cocoa - you've lured me in with that one!

  5. the mirrors are fabulous, Ellie ! I hope you'll sell tons !
    I got your email, and please don't worry a second, OK ?
    I'm always (and very stupidly) amazed that we're entering summer when you're entering winter. Amazing. xoxox hugs

  6. Great mirrors and fab idea using maps!

  7. Oh I love your machine... and your virtual travels. Where did you get your wonderful machine from? I am so interested.

  8. ooh, i absolutely love these little map mirrors. never seen anything like it. keep up the creativity. xo.


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