Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I just found this link from Voodoo Rabbit blog, with some simple and great little tips on how to hem your clothing. Check it out if you want some new ideas on how to finish the edges. Unless, like me, you just keep them raw because you're too lazy to bother finishing up that last little bit to make your new skirt or dress look perfect! (seems I'm not the only one, so that's okay).
My favourite is a faced hem, but with a really big facing, which means you have the hem stitch line about 5+cm above the hemline. I like the look of it, as it's a bit different to the regular 1/2cm (or less) of most seams. Bit designery, no? That's how I finished this skirt hem.

{Bound Hem}

{Faced Hem}

*All images used with thanks from Craftzine.


  1. Hemming is always so fraught for me because it's when my inner anal retentive perfectionist comes out and I fret about how straight it is and how the stitching goes and all that. I love deep hems of 5 or 6cm, the deeper the better because they add a lovely weight to the skirt, though they take a lot of fabric! Faced hems sort of solve that problem and those little flashes of other fabric you get are the best.

  2. Very encouraging post. I usually can't wait to wear my new top/skirt and so never get around to the hemming bit. I do like the look of the bound hem alot. I might actually finish my next top off properly :)

  3. I hate hemming but love the idea of a wide faced hame and I love seeing a flash of the facing fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Seriously I'm not the only one? I thought I was the only one that would put all this effort into making a piece of clothing and then be super slack with the hem. Mind you, that faced hem does look pretty... maybe I'd get around to hemming if it was pretty....


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