Monday, 16 August 2010

two little tea pots


I made this little apron on Saturday afternoon, for my sister-in-law's birthday. Sam wondered if, now that she was engaged, I was dictating she become a housewife. You all know me better than that, don't you! {Sam does too - he was only joking....}.

The apple + pear fabric is a piece of my ultimate favourite from Alexander Henry. Don't know why - but it's fun isn't it. Looks super cute combined with the pink + yellow spots.

Of course it's a proper length on an adult - but on my two little tea pots is very long. Isn't it fun when you have some good looking models who like to spark it up for the camera!

The apron is based on a pattern from Made By Miffy. Very easy to make, and quick too - I sewed it up in less than 45mins (with interruptions of the boy burning himself on my iron and a little pony chattering to me in my sewing room). Of course, being me I didn't really follow the pattern - but I did read it and there are some excellent sewing tips and helpful little ideas, with step by step instructions. {I do have some for sale over here - if you want to make your own}.


  1. I think if you were trying to indoctrinate someone into being an housewife then you'd want one of those pinny styles in a plain serviceable colour; a half-apron is entirely too frivolous and suggestive of fun and hors d'oeuvres - particularly if it has pears on it.

    Sewing ponies, I know them well. In fact my pony owes your pony(ies) a letter...

  2. oh ellie your babies are just so adorable!
    and their aprons are super cool!
    i'd like one in my size to be quite frank!
    haha lovelove x

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