Saturday, 14 August 2010

today we are

- sitting in the sunshine
- smelling the beautiful jasmine growing along our front steps
- trying to avoid having to go out - we need to get a birthday present and a plunger (our kitchen sink is clogging up)
- drawing and writing birthday cards - I so love the way both my little ones are learning to write and being interested in words; at differing levels depending on their age
- trying to ignore the throbbing head, sore throat and hacking cough that I've had happening for the past two days {with Sam at work, having a decent sleep has not really been successful - unless you count 5 minute interruptions as sleep!}
- waiting until we can wash out the hair lice treatment on Mishi. If this doesn't work, then we'll have to consider shaving all her hair off.....

Enjoy your weekend. xx


  1. Hey Elli, you've probably already tried it but if not, give your sink a good dose of bicarb and white vinegar. We've got a really old grease trap here with stupid corners all over the pipes and good dose of bicard and vinegar followed by a generous serve of boiling water usually shifts everything!

  2. Sorry, left your 'e' off :)


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