Friday, 10 September 2010


Sometimes we expect more from others, 
because we would do that much for them.

*I don't know where I found these images. They've been lingering on my desk top for a while. If you know where they are from, please do tell me. Quote was found here - and is a good thing to think about, even though it doesn't actually solve the situations that may occur from the doing more for others thing.


  1. It's very true that, and it leads my mind in various directions. The thought that it's simultaneously a very good thing to strive for, the doing things for other people; but at the same time placing potentially unrealistic expectations on others who may or may not even be aware of them.

    And I looooove that photo with the moss and concrete. I would never have thought of deliberately leaving cracks for moss! The concept would be good in brick as well.

  2. mmm hmmmm. interesting thought. i've had that thought before, but never put it so concisely into words. right now, in the situation we're in, i've said to myself, "when you are in your home, make sure you have people over for dinner and drop dinners and goodies off to people whenever you feel you should." i've wished others would do the same for us . . .


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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