Saturday, 11 September 2010

styling i love

i'm planning a very small photo shoot tomorrow. there are only a few pieces i currently have finished that i'm ready to have photographed - but i need some new and good images for a few things.

{my sister will model. my brother-in-law will take the photos. i mean, really, why pay someone when you have fantastic professionals in the family who will do it for a few tea towels and smiles, and the goodness of their heart}.
anyway; have been thinking of styling ideas. how i want it to look. i do think it will be very simple, as there really isn't a whole lot to photograph quite yet. in an extra few weeks i'll have all my fabrics (hopefully) and a full finished collection ready to show off in it's entirety. yah!
i continue to love the look, feel, colours, mood, stories, products (clothes, homewares, bedding, shoes, dressing gowns......), models (i mean, look - isn't she gorgeous! why weren't freckles so beautifully accepted in fashion and mainstream society when i was a growing teen...) of everything toast puts out.
go and look at their new catalogues, and browse the stories and travels on their site.
{of course, none of these images are remotely at all similar to what we'll end up with; but it's always lovely to have some pretty things to look at!}.

enjoy your weekend. i'll be printing, sewing (last little bits to finish), styling and watching the model pout (not really, more like smile i think), and the photographer shoot and direct!

* all images used with thanks from Toast.

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